The heart is a camera of sorts, freezing images in its lens to look at again and again; a reminder of why we keep on going, why we are moved, why we turn again to what is.

In the Sufi tradition, the dervishes spin a meditation.

Rumi writes:

A secret turning in us

makes the universe turn.

Head unaware of feet,

and feet head. Neither cares.

They keep turning.

The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

8 thoughts on “Stillness

    1. And I sometimes confuse them with land formations that I can’t quite remember or seem oddly out of place. I then find this sense of something new, though imagined, deeply pleasing; as if I had preformed some sort of magic myself. (Please keep your magic coming, I do miss it!)


    1. Thank you. I am very curious about other ways of seeing. Recently, in ‘Brain Pickings’, I read a few quotes from The Soul of an Octopus โ€” how one of Earth’s most alien creatures illuminates the wonders of consciousness
      I try to open my eyes and heart a bit more each day. (BTW, your self photos are lovely…how you could be even a dot critical seem impossible!๐Ÿ™‚)

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      1. I think it is a wonderful trait to be curious about other ways of seeing things! I think if each of us could harness just a bit of that attitude and apply it to our lives the world would be a much more peaceful place.

        And the answer to how I could be critical of my appearance is complicated and has its roots in my childhood. I have always been a large framed woman, and even when I wasn’t overweight medically for my frame size I had people telling me I was, and when I was young I just believed them. It wasn’t until I was visiting with a registered dietitian in my twenties who took measurements and talked to me about what would actually be healthy for my frame size that I understood. But I had years of people like my stepdad or a former gymnastics coach around me criticizing me for various things of my appearance, telling me things like I would “be so pretty if only…” Fill in the blank after that. It started off with weight, but I have had people make comments on my facial hair and it used to make me very self-conscious. I used to have a trail of hair going for my belly button down that I plucked and it took years of doing that before it stopped going back, so I was very sensitive of comparisons people made saying I was looking to masculine because I as an adult prefer to look more feminine. No matter how pretty you think someone else is they have probably had somebody cutting them down for some perceived flaw and the eyes of the critic and they may not even feel pretty themselves. Sometimes when it is the people around us making these comments when we are very young it becomes so internalized and it takes a great deal of work to undo that damage.

        I think that what my daughter and I were talking about today is true, when she said the handsomest person in the room is empathetic and nice. I would never want my only beauty to be found in my face because that isn’t going to continue forever in the bloom of youth. Thank you very much for your kind words though ๐Ÿ’œ


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