Rest Stop
I love rust. There was a time when I hated it and polished it away with intensity. Now I see rust as the forerunner of nostalgia. It reminds me of big dreams on their way out. I helps me remember that we, all of us, are just visiting, momentary, relentlessly trying to leave a mark, that will end up as a red stain. Nothing wrong with that, rust is a lovely color, indicative of the iron we all carry around with us, rushing through the corridors of our bodies.

It's good to remember that the top of the heap you thought you might arrive at, is going to make some lovely pigment someday.
Old Rail Going Somewhere
Solid Workhorse
Star of the Showroom Floor

13 thoughts on “Impermanence

  1. As an engineer building equipment, dealing with ways to mitigate rust is a part of my daily life

    I loved your perspective on rust . Honest, inspiring and profound

    Reminds us that we are often trying to resist that which we will one day become

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    1. Thank you Amanda. I quail at ‘ profound’, but maybe we are all a little of that by accident. Before I moved to my present location, I lived in a wetter place for three months ( constant mist or rain). The growth was astounding, but mildew, rust and insect life began to wear me down. There was a soft sorrow in the falling away of everything. Part of me wanted to curl up and hide, another wanted to lean in and watch. That second part brought out nostalgia and sorrow. Also interesting pictures. I feel my impermanence.

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  2. Scathing piece.
    I like the way you write, too. I live in the semi tropics so I understand and sympathize. But, isn’t it kind of lovely that you old gives way for the new? The new is innocent, optimistic, full of new ideas, we can do it, this time its going to be different. This time we will make it work. If at first you don’t succeed … Maybe we will learn from the past, the old piles of rust, the pools of blood, the salt in the tears, old mine fields, abandoned wells, ancient temples. History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme. Maybe next time.

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    1. I suppose I don’t bring as much emotion to it as I used to. There is a gladness in me as well, watching things arise and pass away again. Yes, the new seems innocent, optimistic. I liked a line from Dr. who: ” the universe isn’t evil, it’s hungry!”
      All I do anymore is watch and wish it well with kindness (always gotta be kind).
      Wishing you well too.


      1. Yes, it certainly does come for all of us. Exiting gracefully is often the hard part I think. Accepting things as they are seems to be very helpful with that, but I officially don’t have any answers that guarantee gracefulness in that way for myself or anyone else when it comes to that, except
        perhaps to try and live the kindest life I possibly can right now. Because then at least I won’t feel bad about my today regardless of what happens to my tomorrow…

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