Autism in the Trenches

Created by a friend.

A very moving piece of art and poetry, donated to Autism Support. Worthy of a read.

AUTISM IN THE TRENCHES BY KIRI L. K. SALAZAR There is a foe, I cannot see Wired with hair-trigger senses. Conflict borne in infancy, Camouflaged in normalcy, My heart is sore, my soul fatigued Fighting Autism in the trenches. My Janus child walks a line between his world and mine I cannot cross his no-man’s […]

Autism in the Trenches

9 thoughts on “Autism in the Trenches

    1. Something any parent who has a child with level 3 autism can relate to. Sore hearts, soul fatigue, and days filled with your kiddo screaming (or self-harming) that turn into a string of emotional SOS. I have learned the only thing I can do, after I have done everything I can for him, is focus on who I want to be in all of this. Because I can only feel truly centered if I can love me and find me in the midst. And once you have a kiddo with those kinds of challenges, there’s no guarantee anyone is going to look past their challenges to give you that kind of love…so we learn to be the light in our own world. It is not an easy journey. Thank you for sharing 💜

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        1. I would be happy then to post my comment there also. I had already linked and read the entire post before I commented on your blog… Hope you are doing well 💜

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          1. Hey, I found you! These words reach me at the midst of holidays (the most ironic term for a time period when your child can’t go to school and all the state aides take off for their own families.)

            That bit about ‘learning to be a light in our own world’–totally accurate. The hard part is figuring out what things actually soothe the soul and what behaviors (my own, not my child’s) are actually harmful. For example–eating the entire box of Christmas cookies probably wasn’t my best idea this week. But boy, were they yummy.

            Thanks for your kind thoughts. It is a tricky thing being a mom who struggles–however that is defined. Right now, there’s a daily struggle to get off the couch, and not just because of the massive cookie consumption. But, getting down to my office was the victory I managed today. Perhaps work will happen tomorrow.

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            1. Hello Friend. Feel free to email me ( from Michelle’s email list). Have you seen ‘The Watch’ on Amazon? It is only a reflection of Sir Terry Pratchett, but very entertaining anyway. Better binging than Belgian cookies, at least for the waistline! Merry merry, happy, happy. K.


        2. And lo, a year later, she does. I never knew this was shared by anyone. At the time, I lost two friends in succession and withdrew from the world to grieve. I’m only now just getting back to writing.

          But thank you, for your kindness and for speaking up about your struggles. It is one of the few gifts we can give each other–acceptance and understanding.


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